Destiny Quality Care, LLC (DQC) is an up and coming "Life Enrichment Training Day Program" for persons with disabilities.  We are located in the heart of Brandon, Florida.

Destiny Quality Care offers consumers various life skills programs that will assist in building the mind and body of the consumer.  Whether you are seeking an exciting day program or if you are looing for assistance to make transitions from high school to seeking employment.  Destiny Quality Care is here to make that transition a reality.  We are here to help make your transition an easy one.

But that's not all. Destiny Quality Care is also your go to for private parties (birthdays, painting/art parties, etc) as well as specializing in training our consumers in the art of culinary and cake decorating! 

Our Team

Alexander Atanes

B.A.  (Program Director)

Alex Atanes has been a Solo Medicaid Waiver Provider for over 13 years.  He is a vital part of Destiny Quality Care.  He services a program/activities director for DQC.  Alex has a great passion for working with persons for disabilities.  He also has experience and has worked as an activities coordinator for several companies.  He is a graduate of the University of South Florida.  It is a pleasure having Alex on the Destiny Quality Care team.

Makayla Anglin

A.A. (Program Director) 

Makayla Anglin is a vital part of Destiny Quality Care.  She assist in many areas for the program.  She is a graduate of Hillsborough Community College.  She is currently working on her degree in Occupational Therapy.  Makayla has a history of working in early childhood development.  

Natalee Allen

Direct Care Professional

Natalee Allen was the first employee to be  hired with Destiny Quality Care as an agency.  She brings years of experience to DQC.  She has experience working in adult day programs as well as group homes.  It is a pleasure having Natalee on our team.

Angela Armstrong


Angela has over 20 years of working with persons with disabilities.  She was a transportation supervisor for a local company for 17 years.   She has also worked in adult day training programs. Angela brings years of experience and passion to Destiny Quality Care.  It is a great pleasure having Angela a part of the DQC team.

Nicholai Cheddar

Direct Car Professional

Nicholai has a great passion of working with our consumers and he enjoys working as personal support.

Jazmin Lopez

Personal Support Care Assistant

Jazmin is a consumer turned employee here at Destiny Quality Care. She has been a great help supporting our staff as well as a dedicated learner

Our Vision

Our vision is to inform, educate, train and assist our consumers to reach their goals and tasks that they have set before them.

Our Mission

Our mission is to care and serve our consumers through life skills training with excellence and professionalism.

About the Owner

Margaret Montgomery,  owner of Destiny Quality Care, LLC has worked in the healthcare field for over 30 years.  She retired from the H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center of 27 years.  Margaret is also an allied healthcare instructor and has taught in the field of allied health for 13 years.  She is the author of "Professional Etiquette for the Workplace."  Her passion has always been in the service of helping others.

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